Different Between しょうゆ顔(soy sauce face),ソース顔(sauce face), 塩顔(salt face).

The intrinsic face attributes Japanese girls to entice subconsciously.

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The definition of the verb and its traits

European, American or many people except Asian people might be difficult to distinguish our face type, especially in this post, Japanese guy’s face type. We’re also confused to guess which face is from German and which look is from England and so on. The faces among European or American seem alike for us.

ソース顔 (Sauce Face)

The first feature is a deep curving face between eyes that most European or American have this trait. We, Japanese people, admire such a dense appearance. Our nose is basically flat. As soon as we see foreign people, we have a bit jealous.

This is similar to strong curving face as our nose is not so high, when we the tall nose at a glance, we feel a symmetry beauty. The European is categorised into sauce type. Besides, active Japanese girls tend to like this sort.

The dark-skinned guy gets energetic and wild impact. Though you might feel beard face unclean, we occasionally regard it as a matured guy.

しょう油顔 (Soy Sauce Face)

The soy sauce face impacts soft and kindness in contrast to the wild that is the impression of the sauce face.

The most feature in this type is the small face. The face is composed of small parts that doesn’t insist on at all — therefore granting a peace of mind to some of Japanese girls.

In contrast of the wild look, soy sauce face is not suitable by the bearded face. In revert, the smile is even cute.

塩顔(Salt Face)

This kind of faces is featured by unisex. If they costumed female fashion with their face being made up, they would look-like the very feminine.

This guys have white coloured skin, which means that they spend in-door with playing a game or with PC.


if you’d like to get an active Japanese girl, it may facilitate as long as you have sauce face type. But recently many Japanese girls tend to like Salt typefaces.

Photo by Afif Kusuma on Unsplash

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